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  1. ATAPS Reporting and Configuration (User Version)

  2. How do I clear a dropdown list value?

  3. How to Video - Email Reminder Settings

  4. Installer 'loops' when downloading files from the Internet

  5. myPractice Ends Support for Windows XP

  6. V3 - myPractice not communicating with Server over a LAN / VPN (Setting a Port Number)

  7. V4 - Appointment Book "How to" Documentation

  8. V4 - Big red cross in referrals in Client Details

  9. V4 - Can I turn off payments being automatically generated

  10. V4 - Can't find an Invoice or Payment? Using the Transaction Search

  11. V4 - Client Consultation notes are missing, what do I do?

  12. V4 - Client Details "How to" Documentation

  13. V4 - Configuration system failed to initialize (MPPresenter)

  14. V4 - Create a letter from within Client Details

  15. V4 - Creating an Invoice

  16. V4 - Does an Invoice need to be made from an Appointment?

  17. V4 - Does it produce graphs for month to month and year to year comparison of stats?

  18. V4 - Emailing an Invoice

  19. V4 - How can I change the format an invoice is exported as

  20. V4 - How do I add a Referral?

  21. V4 - How do I add a User or Practitioner into myPractice?

  22. V4 - How do I add my own Letter template?

  23. V4 - How do I add my Provider number/s?

  24. V4 - How do I charge for a partial quantity or an extra amount?

  25. V4 - How do I delete a document Template from my list?

  26. V4 - How do I restrict areas of myPractice from Users?

  27. V4 - How do I stop other Practitioners from seeing my Client Details?

  28. V4 - How to add a new Appointment

  29. V4 - How to add a new Client

  30. V4 - How to add a new Location or update my business address or bank details

  31. V4 - How to add a new Practitoner or user

  32. V4 - How to create a 3rd Party Multi-Client Invoices

  33. V4 - How to create Payments or a Credit

  34. V4 - How to Edit an Appointment

  35. V4 - How to Video - SMS Reminder Settings

  36. V4 - How to Videos - Getting Started with myPractice

  37. V4 - I can't add a referrer to a clients details

  38. V4 - I can't see/edit the Client Address field

  39. V4 - I cant add a discount to an invoices

  40. V4 - Invoices "How to" Documentation

  41. V4 - Letters and templates - "How to" Documentation

  42. V4 - MYOB Import Issue Resolution

  43. V4 - No row at position 0 - Invoice Price change

  44. V4 - Referral info not showing up in my Invoice

  45. V4 - Referrers not displaying in Referrers list within Data Maintenance

  46. V4 - Reminders "How to" Documentation

  47. V4 - Reports - "How to" Documentation

  48. V4 - Setting Up / Getting Started with myPractice

  49. V4 - What are Tasks? How do you use them?

  50. V4 - What are the different levels of user access within myPractice?

  51. V4 - What is the easiest way to create an invoice for an appointment

  52. V4 - Who's referring who? Using the Referrer Revenue Report

  53. V4 / V5 - I can't see a new Referrer in the dropdown or a Third Party in my Invoice List. What do i do?

  54. V4/V5 - Adding and Editing Products and Services

  55. V4/V5 - Available Field Types within myPractice

  56. V4/V5 - Can a client have more than one phone number?

  57. V4/V5 - Can appointments be shown by consultation colour?

  58. V4/V5 - Can I 'Bold' or Highlight fields so they stand out?

  59. V4/V5 - Can I rearrange the Tabs or Add New Tabs?

  60. V4/V5 - Can I see two clients in the same time slot?

  61. V4/V5 - Continually prompted for an Appointment Date when adding an Item

  62. V4/V5 - Customising Client Details with custom fields

  63. V4/V5 - Customising myPractice to suit you

  64. V4/V5 - Displaying only practice work hours or the grouping of the Appointment Book

  65. V4/V5 - Do you have an edition for Mac computers?

  66. V4/V5 - Error exporting file when trying to email an Invoice

  67. V4/V5 - Error Sending Email Reminder - Please sign into or account

  68. V4/V5 - Error when trying to import Clients

  69. V4/V5 - Find a Client

  70. V4/V5 - Finding your Mail Chimp API Key

  71. V4/V5 - Finding your SMS Global API Key

  72. V4/V5 - Fujitsu ScanSnap does not work with scanning from myPractice

  73. V4/V5 - Fully Hosted SMTP settings

  74. V4/V5 - Gmail port requirements for email reminders

  75. V4/V5 - Got a full diary? Looking for an appointment space for a client?

  76. V4/V5 - How can an appointment be created without a location being set?

  77. V4/V5 - How do I add a postcode?

  78. V4/V5 - How do I add another Location?

  79. V4/V5 - How do I add or edit an ABN/Business Number?

  80. V4/V5 - How do I add products and services?

  81. V4/V5 - How do I categorise my different types of clients/referrals?

  82. V4/V5 - How do I change the price for a product / services?

  83. V4/V5 - How do I delete a practitioner?

  84. V4/V5 - How do I delete a product or service?

  85. V4/V5 - How do I disable a practitioner?

  86. V4/V5 - How do I set up an Email or SMS reminder for each appointment?

  87. V4/V5 - How do I set up the automatic SMS service

  88. V4/V5 - How do you change working hours?

  89. V4/V5 - How do you know if your SMS has been delivered?

  90. V4/V5 - How do you know the number of appointments left on a referral?

  91. V4/V5 - How does the Network licensing work?

  92. V4/V5 - How much do SMS Reminders cost?

  93. V4/V5 - How to add Health Funds to the list?

  94. V4/V5 - How to connect to Remote Support

  95. V4/V5 - I do not see a myPractice Module that has been designed for my profession. Can you create one for me?

  96. V4/V5 - I want others to see the Letter Templates I have created

  97. V4/V5 - I've got a new computer and need to Activate myPractice, but I'm getting a message that the license is already activated.

  98. V4/V5 - If I do not have software assurance, can I still receive upgrades of myPractice?

  99. V4/V5 - Is there a way to control the number of people booked per time slot?

  100. V4/V5 - Is there a way to customise the myPractice Invoice template to match my existing Invoice template?

  101. V4/V5 - Keyboard Shortcuts

  102. V4/V5 - Managing your Invoices - Wondering if you've Invoiced everyone this week?

  103. V4/V5 - Mental Health Assessment Questionaires

  104. V4/V5 - My co-worker cannot see the documents I added (Network Version only)

  105. V4/V5 - My Software Assurance has expired - what are my Support options?

  106. V4/V5 - myPractice on a Terminal Server

  107. V4/V5 - PRNX Files

  108. V4/V5 - Recurring or Repeat Appointments for Clients

  109. V4/V5 - Regular Clients

  110. V4/V5 - Setting Up MailChimp

  111. V4/V5 - SMS Global Sender ID change required

  112. V4/V5 - SMS Response Codes

  113. V4/V5 - Syncing Appointments

  114. V4/V5 - Syncing Documents

  115. V4/V5 - Track simple expenses or your petty cash using the Expenses Master Report

  116. V4/V5 - Unable to access myPractice Live through Internet Explorer (IE) 11

  117. V4/V5 - What are my payment options?

  118. V4/V5 - What do you mean when you refer to myPractice Versions and myPractice Modules?

  119. V4/V5 - What format are the Consultation Notes in?

  120. V4/V5 - What happens to my data if I stop using myPractice?

  121. V4/V5 - What is a Snippet?

  122. V4/V5 - What is License Activation?

  123. V4/V5 - What is the difference between Consultation and History Fields?

  124. V4/V5 - What is the Password I need to log in to the myPractice Trial?

  125. V4/V5 - Why use Practitioner Availability?

  126. V5 - Appointment Book FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  127. V5 - Are there any limitations or differences with the Trial Version of Bp Allied compared to the Full Version?

  128. V5 - Can I extend my 30 day Trial?

  129. V5 - Client Details FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  130. V5 - I am currently using another database for all my client files. Is there a way this existing data can be imported into myPractice?

  131. V5 - Invoicing FAQ's (including Masterclass questions)

  132. V5 - Medicare and DVA Rejection Reason codes

  133. V5 - Medicare FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  134. V5 - MYOB FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  135. V5 - Reminder FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  136. V5 - Security FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  137. V5 - Technical FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  138. V5 - Tyro FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

  139. Where do I find my version number of myPractice / Bp Allied?

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