V4/V5 - PRNX Files

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied.

The following details a workaround for opening and re-saving PRNX files:

PRNX files are created by the Preview application in myPractice. This application is opened from the following places:
  • Client Details > Print > History
  • Client Details > Print > Consultations
  • Invoices > Preview

They are created by clicking the Save button (first highlighted icon) rather than the usual Save As button (second highlighted icon).

These files are not easily read by any other application and so we recommend using the Save As PDF option.

In the case where you have a PRNX file to open, then this is the work around:

Open a Client
Click on Print > History in the Client Details toolbar
The Preview application will open with a history document for the current client displayed
Click on the Open icon (or File > Open)
Navigate to the PRNX document saved in the file system
Click on the PRNX document to open it
Click Save As PDF to resave the document
Close the Preview Application
Attach the document into myPractice as usual.

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