V4/V5 - Can a client have more than one phone number?

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied.

Adding more contact details to a Client's information

Yes! myPractice can store multiple phone numbers, emails and addresses for a client. Phone numbers can be nominated as Home, Work, Fax or Mobile and Addresses can be Home, Work or Other. There can only be one Primary Email address and one Primary Mobile phone number as these are used to send email and SMS reminders to.

The navigation bar at the bottom of the image can be used to add, delete and move through the saved records. In this example there are two Email addresses for the client and the image is of the second one, "Record 2 of 2".
  • Use the left (<) and right (>) arrows to move between the different records. In the image above there are two records
  • Use the plus (+) to add a new records
  • Use the minus (-) to delete a record
  • Use the tick to save a change
  • Use the cross (x) to cancel a change
Note: If you add a record by clicking the plus (+) and then don't fill in the details myPractice will give an error. So, if this is by accident, use the arrows to find the record then click the minus (-) to delete it.

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