V4/V5 - Track simple expenses or your petty cash using the Expenses Master Report

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied. All Documentation links relate to version 4 but the same principles apply in V5.

For a number of years we've had clients ask us for the ability to track expenses in myPractice. In Version 4 we ventured into this area and have added a report that can be used to track Practice expenses or petty cash. This is a simple tracking set-up and is not intended to replace an accounting system. The information can be exported to excel for importing into another system if required.

The Expenses Master Report can be found under the Reports Section.

Each of the expenses can be linked to an Expense Category. These Expense Categories are set-up in System > Data Maintenance where they can be identified as capital expenditure if necessary.

Each expense can be added using the Click here to add a new row row. When entering a price that includes GST put in the Total Amount and the GST Included will be automatically calculated as will the Total of all expenses shown in the selected date range.

Remember to Save Changes after adding a new expense

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