V4 - How to add a new Practitoner or user

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

We are often asked by users of myPractice how to add a new person to myPractice so we have created a video to step you through it. Whether the new User is a Practitioner or reception staff, they are added in the same way.

Here are a couple of additional tips:
  • You need to be a myPractice Administrator to add someone new. If you're not, then you won't see the Add button or the Permissions tab.
  • If you set the Access Level at the time of creation to Practitioner then a calendar will be created.
  • But, if you set the Access Level to Reception then no calendar is created for the user.
This video shows you how to add a new User to myPractice. This can be a Practitioner or Reception staff. They are all added the same way. To see the step by step instructions go to this article in the Help Documentation - How do I add a User or Practitioner into myPractice

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