V4 - What are Tasks? How do you use them?

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

This article links to various parts of the Tasks documentation available via the Help tab > Help in myPractice.

V5 Tasks help can be found here.

Using Tasks to create "To Do" Lists

In version 4 of myPractice a new function called Tasks was implemented. Tasks can be used to create and assign items that need to be done by a user of myPractice or they can be used to track documentation or physical resources given to a client.. These can be client or non-client related have a due date assigned, and be ticked when complete. Tasks can be assigned to multiple people but once that task is completed by one person, and marked completed, that's it done.  A task is a single unit of work therefore if 2 people need to do the similar tasks, then that is 2 tasks and should be recorded as such.

Client related tasks
These tasks can be created from the Appointment book, the client details or from within the Tasks Master Report.

Non-Client related tasks
Thes tasks can be made from the Appointment book or from the Tasks Master Report.

The task will be displayed in the Tasks pane in the Appointment Book. If it is Client related then it will display in the top half with all other tasks displaying in the bottom half. Note also, on the far side of the image is the Appointment Book Right-hand toolbar where the Tasks screen is located when it is not pinned open for display.

Create a new task

In addition to the creation of a task, Task Templates can be created to make performing a record of the same task more streamlined.Creating tasks and templates via a Client Appointment

If there are tasks that need to be carried out frequently, for example, send out a new client information pack. A template could be created for this. It can include all relevant details as well as a link to any appropriate documentation.

The each time a new client is added to myPractice the "Send new Client Info Pack" task can be created for the client based on the template. When it is completed this can be acknowledged and this details captured against the client record.

Manage Tasks
This page looks at the Tasks panel that are accessed from the Appointment Book right hand toolbar.The Tasks panel is effectively a "to do" of tasks that relate to the user that is logged In. it includes both tasks that are client realted and those that are not.

The Tasks Master Report can be used to manage outstanding Tasks. It is available off the Reports Menu.

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