V4 - Client Details "How to" Documentation

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

This article links to various parts of the Client Details Documentation available via the Help tab > Help in myPractice.

Ths section of myPractice keeps track of all client contact details, history and associated consultations, documents, phone calls and emails.

Client Navigation Bar
Displays when a Client record is opened or Clients is selected on the left hand selection menu. This section discusses all of the optons available from here.

This shows how to add a new Client to your myPractice database

Find Client
The find client form allows you to search for a client, view appointments, open a client record, send an SMS and more.
Ctrl + F anywhere in myPractice will open the Client Search screen.

Adding more Client Details
This section covers in general the fields available for the capture of a clients demographic information. Not all of the fields will be available in all of the module layouts and their location may differ depending on the module installed.
The Client Details forms can be customised to suit your practice needs. This means that additional data can be collected or fields can be renamed to something more meaningful. Before tackling this please read all of the documentation and/or call Support so we can discuss your requirements and help you make these changes.

Previous Appointments
How to view a Clients previous appointments when in Client Details

The Family.Show relationship mapping (genogram) application can be started from the Client Navigation bar. This allows the mapping of a Clients relationships.

Minimising Client Duplication
A commentary on ways to avoid duplicating client records.

Creating a new Snippet
Snippets are like Auto Text within MS Word and allow you to enter sentences or blocks of text for later use throughout the program

Using Snippets in Consultation Notes or Letters

Audit Log
The Audit Log displays the actions taken against a specific clients details for a specified period of time.

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