V4 - Appointment Book "How to" Documentation

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

This article has links to the various part of the Appointment Book documentation available via the Help tab > Help in myPractice.

The Appointment Book is the foundation of myPractice.  Here you can schedule appointments from your clients, send reminders, enter new clients, create inovoice and payments and more.

Appointment Book Layout
This includes details of all the toolbars and menus seen on the Appointment book

Create an Appointment
Create a new appointment, either Client, meeting or casual

Create a Recurring Appointment
These can be used for creating Meetings and setting Practitioner Availability only.
Copy Appointment is used instead of recurring appointments to create multiple appointments for a Client in one go.

Edit an Appointment
Updating an Appointment after it has been created

Finding a Practitioners free timeslots
This is a search function that allows use to looks for free appointment slot for a specific practitioner

Practitioner Availability Schedule
Used to set when a Practitioner is available and what Location they are working from. Setting these causes this information to be defaulted into any appointments created in an available time slot.

Adding Clients to the Waiting List
This is a basic function that can be used to manage any clients waiting for an appointment. An appointment can be created from here.

Quick View Appointment List
The daily appointment list shows you a list of your (as defined by your login) appointments for today's date.  Please note that users with their access level set to Reception will see a list of all appointments for all practitioners.

Icons, Menus, Shortcuts and Toolbars
This section covers the various icons, toolbars, shortcuts and menus used in the myPractice Appointment Book with the exception of the Practitioner Availability menu which can be found under the Practitioner Availabilty Schedule section.

Sync with Google Calendar & iCal
How to setup synchronising to Google Calendar

Exporting to MS Outlook
The myPractice Appointment book can be exported into a Microsoft Outlook calendar

Managing Notes
Notes are used to send yourself and your staff messages and reminders

How do I cancel an Appointment?
Details on how to cancel an appointment.

Printing Calendars
Discusses the various options on how to print a calendar

Notify a User about Appointment changes or Tasks Due
How to set up notification of appointment changes for a Practitioner or notification of Tasks Due for any user.

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