V4/V5 - Mental Health Assessment Questionaires

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied.

myPractice does not hand out or include any of the Questionaires for the Assessment tools included in the Psychology Module. This is due to the numerous copyright, intellectual property rights and patents that surround a number of these assessments. myPractice has the ability to capture and aggregate the scores only. We have received permission to do so from the relevant copyright holders.

Below are some links to enable you to find the questionaires for these assessments on the internet.

Please note, that you are responsible for any payments required or other conditions stipulated on the websites where these questionaires are located. If you use them then you must comply with these conditions so that you do not breach any associated copyrights or other intellectual property rights or patents.

Due to strict copyright and intellectual property rights issues we can not supply the questionaires for MMSE. Please see the copyright information in the wikipedia article on the Mini Mental State Examination

This questionaire appears to be in the same order as that in myPractice. This is available on a number of sites on the internet, e.g. Harvard Medical School

DASS 21 & 42
This questionaire is available from the University of NSW. The questions appear to be in the same order as that in myPractice. To interpret the DASS scores as a Practitioner you are required to buy the DASS manual. This can also be purchased via this website.

There is a score sheet available here which is in the same order as in myPractice although as this assessment is carried out by the Practitioner it can be entered directly into myPractice.

As this assessment is done by the practitioner so could be entered straight into myPractice. There are many references to this assessment on the internet.

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