V4 - Client Consultation notes are missing, what do I do?

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

A: Make sure you haven't accidentally entered the notes into the wrong Appointment for the Client

  1. Open the CLIENT DETAILS record
  2. In the CONSULTATION tab
  3. Use the SHOW CONSULTATION drop down to check each of the Appointments (Future and past)

B: View recent activity for the selected Client

  1. Open the CLIENT DETAILS record
  2. Click on AUDIT LOG in the toolbar
  3. Click GO to view the activity for the last week
  4. To change the date range for the activity view alter the FROM and TO date field
  5. Click GO to view the altered range

C: To check if the Consultation Notes have been accidentally entered against the wrong Client

  1. While the AUDIT LOG is open
  2. Tick the ALL RECORDS tickbox
  3. Click GO
  4. Narrow your results by defining a date range of when these notes would have been entered as above
    1. Notes can be copied from the AUDIT LOG by selecting the cell showing the notes and pressing ctrl-c to copy the contents. These can then be pasted into the correct Client/Appointment record.

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