V4 - What are the different levels of user access within myPractice?

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice.

Within myPractice you can be set with either Reception or Practitioner level access.

  • Reception Level has access to all area's of the program however Client Consultation Notes are blocked.
  • Practitioner Level has access to all area's of the program including Client Consultation Notes.
  • A user can be set as a system "Administrator" within myPractice. This gives you access to the User Administration area which allows you to add and disable users, set user permissions and passwords. A system "Administrator" can also upload a customised Client Details Layout to the database as well as control practitioners view client details of other practitioners. DO NOT USE THIS WITH THE RECEPTION LEVEL ACCESS.
  • All users can have other parts of the program restricted within the Permissions tab under System > Options > User Administration.
For more information on restricting users from particular areas of myPractice see the help documentation.

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