V4/V5 - Continually prompted for an Appointment Date when adding an Item

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied. All Documentation links relate to version 4 but the same principles apply in V5.

You are trying to add an Item to an Invoice, but cannot because you are continually prompted to select an Appointment Date and there are none to select. If you are adding an Item (eg a book) and are being prompted for an Appointment Date, it means that the Item you are adding is flagged as a 'CONSULTATION TYPE' in the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES section of DATA MAINTENANCE. 

Any Item flagged as a CONSULTATION TYPE within PRODUCTS AND SERVICES requires an APPOINTMENT DATE be defined for that item when adding it to an Invoice. This is to ensure that Consultations are only charged against an Appointment, and to ensure that an Appointment can only be Invoiced once.

To stop being prompted for an Appointment Date:

  1. Go to the SYSTEM Tab
  3. Click on PRODUCTS AND SERVICES in the left-hand column
  4. All products and Services the myPractice will be displayed
  5. Select the relevant row
  6. Untick the IS CONSULTATION TYPE tickbox
  7. Click APPLY and OK to save and close

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