V4/V5 - SMS Response Codes

What do the SMS response codes mean?

When you check to see the Results of your SMS Reminders, myPractice communicates with the SMS Service and returns the information received from the Clients mobile phone carrier. Here is a list of what the most commonly seen result codes mean:

  • DELIVERED TO GATEWAY Delivered to the Clients Mobile Phone carrier - This does NOT mean that the carrier has delivered the message to the Client. The phone may be off or unavailable, or the carrier may have rejected the message. This rejection is usually because by default the carrier has a policy of not delivering messages initiated from an overseas location, or the Client has specifically requested that SMS messages from overseas not be delivered. myPractice uses an International SMS provider service to deliver messages to multiple countries.
  • RECEIVED BY RECIPIENT Received by the Client. The Clients mobile phone carrier reports that the message has been successfully delivered to the Clients handset
  • ERROR WITH MESSAGE or ERROR DELIVERING MESSAGE Usually due to the handset message inbox being full and unable to receive any new messages or an incorrect number or a number no longer in use. This can also be due to a system failure with either the SMS Provider used by myPractice or due to a system failure at the Clients mobile carrier.
  • MESSAGE EXPIRED The message expired before it could be delivered to the Client. Usually occurs if the handset is off, or out of range for an extended period
  • ROUTING ERROR Usually due to an incorrect number
Please note that we at myPractice do not deliver the SMS Messages or run the SMS Service infrastructure. myPractice passes messages via the Internet to SMSGlobal. Any issues regarding non-delivery of messages should, in the first instance, be directed to SMS Global.

See more information about Reminders in the myPractice help.

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