V4/V5 - myPractice on a Terminal Server

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied. 

How does licensing for myPractice work on a Terminal Server?

Server Component - myPractice Network Server must be installed on either the Terminal Server or another Networked Server.A Network Server License must be purchased for this purpose.

Client Component - The client must be installed on the Terminal server and configured specifically for Terminal Server usage. There is no automated process for this. myPractice Staff are happy to perform this task for you via our remote support service. Please contact us via email to alliedsupport@bpsoftware.net.

Licensing works as per our standard Network Licensing rules. For each Client computer that accesses the Terminal Server via Remote means, you must have a myPractice Network Client License.

Examples - You have a Reception computer and 2 Practitioners, each with their own computers - 3 computers in total - You require 3 Client Licenses.
You have a Reception Computer and 5 Practitioners that share 3 other computers between them due to rostering - 4 computers in total - You require 4 Client Licenses.

Any questions regarding Licensing should be directed to alliedsupport@bpsoftware.net

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