V4/V5 - What is License Activation?

This article relates to version 4 of myPractice and version 5 of Bp Allied. All Documentation links relate to version 4 but the same principles apply in V5.

myPractice uses a License Activation process to manage licenses.  

1) Trial - When you first start myPractice you will be asked for your name and a valid email address.  Your Trial license is then activated for 30 days.  Uninstalling and reinstalling myPractice will not reset the Trial period.  Should you require longer to Trial myPractice before making your purchase decision, please contact us and we will extend your Trial period for you. Please note that attempting to subvert the license system by setting the date on your computer in the past will disable myPractice totally.

2) Full - a Full License is obtained by Purchasing a myPractice License via our Store.  When your purchase has been completed you will receive an email containing your Activation key.   This can be entered into the system via the 'Activate my License' button on the Trial progress screen that is shown when the program starts. A Full license never expires and removes the Trial progress screen when you start the program. The Full myPractice License is only valid on the myPractice installation it was created for. It cannot be used on multiple computers.

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