V5 - Security FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

Q: Can you add more than one clinician per client?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: What if you have a client to put on the waiting list that doesn't have a primary clinician as yet?

A: You would need to select someone at time of creation, but it can be changed.


Q: If they move from one clinician to another (staff leaving) do we remove all old clinicians and add new clinicians?  How do we give them access to the history?

A: If a practitioner is made inactive they will no longer have access to the client, you would then need to assign someone else as the Primary Practitioner. At this stage this is a manual process. They would need to be given access to All Consultations to be able to access information from the past or from another practitioner.


Q: Did this come about due to privacy being breached in some industries?

A: No, this has come about as requests from our clients wanting to be able to have more control over what information individual users have access to.

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