V5 - Tyro FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

Q: Do you have number for Tyro?

A: Sales +61 2 8907 1700 or Support 1300 966 639


Q: What will Tyro cost?

A: We can't advise on pricing as that needs to be discussed with Tyro.


Q: Is Bp Allied compatible with Medicare EasyClaim Eftpos machines like it is with Tyro? Or would I be better off looking into Tyro instead of looking into Medicare EasyClaim Eftpos devices?

A: Bp Allied is only compatible with Tyro Eftpos machines. It is not compatible with the Tyro EasyClaim or HealthPoint functionality at this stage but it is planned.


Q: If we have a HICAPS machine can we still do payments and claims that way if we did not want to use the Medicare Online Claiming feature in this upgrade - will we still be able to use our current method?

A: Yes


Q: How many computers can be connected to one tyro terminal?

A: That’s a question for Tyro.


Q: Does it work remotely as we operate out of several locations?

A: The terminal needs to be paired to each computer that it is being used by. So, it could be used at multiple locations but would need to be paired each time. Tyro may have other solutions that work for this so it might be worth discussing this with them.


Q: If we don't integrate tyro, do we need to choose Eftpos instead of Eftpos tyro?

A: Yes, or whatever other payment option is required. The Eftpos (Tyro) payment type can be disabled in Data Maintenance > Payment Types if it is not required.


Q: What happens if the payment fails - unfunded etc?

A: Bp Allied gives you the option to retry.


Q: Can health fund payments also be processed through Tyro?

A: Not at the moment. There are plans to integrate this option in the future.


Q: How does the reconcile work across two different sites with two tyro machines?

A: Good question. At the moment it appears that they would need to be reconciled at each location. We will investigate this further.

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