V5 - MYOB FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

Q: Is there an option to lock calendars/invoicing at a specific date relating to MYOB imports?

A: Yes, the MYOB file does this. It will not allow exporting of data outside of the financial year related to the file selected.

Q: What happens if you have different ids in MYOB than logins to Bp Allied?

A: You would use the one username and password to enter into MYOB and that gets entered into the MYOB Options, it is separate to your Bp Allied login. 


Q: As we bill the parent as a Third Party not the child, is the MYOB ID the child or the parent?

A: It will be the parent or Third Party ID and the child will only be referenced within the Invoice line item.


Q: Can we integrate with MYOB Essentials, the online version?

A: Unfortunately, no. We can integrate with AccountRight Live that runs a locally installed version and as long as a copy of the cloud file is downloaded onto the local machine then we can export into that.

Q: what happens when you have an associate /contractor that does work but not employee, how does that affect the sales person field?

A: I don’t think it will be an issue. From our perspective, the allocation of the “Employee ID” is a way for MYOB to track sales against a person. Whether than person is actually an employee is probably not relevant in most cases. The exception would be anyone using the Payroll module as part of AccountRight Plus or Premier. If this is being used, then we would need to look at how we can line up the ID's.

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