V5 - Client Details FAQ's (from Masterclasses)

Q: Can I access client DOB while clinicians are in the client file? Sometimes I need to know it while the clinicians are in the client file in order to contact Medicare with if I’m trying to find out the clients Medicare number as they forgot their card.

A: Yes BUT if you are in a hosted environment (or where you all use the same database) then you run the risk of overwriting the clients notes if you click save AFTER the practitioner has saved. You can open the client record to view the information but don’t save it.


Q: Can you look at 'blocking' or having an 'alert' that says you can't/shouldn't open the file because it's in use?

A: Yes, we already do BUT if you are not using a shared database (e.g. hosted or running off a database on the same server) then the warning will not be raised and the databases are not constantly talking to each other so they don’t know.

Q: How do these changes to client layout appear when we have customised the layout heavily?

A: We will add these fields in for anyone that has a customised layout.  So, we would update your layout prior to the update rather than giving you this new layout.

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