V5 - Invoicing FAQ's (including Masterclass questions)


Q: Can I do a partial refund?  Yes. Please see the documentation.

Q: Can I edit an Invoice after it has been paid?   Yes. Remove the payment first. Change the Invoice status to Draft and edit.Then the payment can be re-attached. (or it could be refunded if that is required).

Q: How do I split an Invoice?

  1. Create an invoice for the client and click NO to Accept the Payment now? 
  2. Split the Invoice
  3. Go back to the client Invoice and click Add Payment to accept the payment

Q: My invoice is not showing a status of paid even though it has been fully paid. Why is this?
Most likely one of the items in the invoice has GST applied to it on top of the item price. Sometimes, when this happens, the rounding of the total Item Price may mean that the total paid maybe half a cent out and not clear off the item balance. For example:

Item X = $12.90 + GST
Total price for Item X = $16.641
On screen this item is rounded to $16.64 and this is what the payment is taken for.
Because there is technically 0.001 cent outstanding the Invoice Status will not flip from Awaiting Payment to paid. This issue has been raised to be reviewed.

The workaround is to create the Item Prices inclusive of GST. The rounding is then absorbed into the GST amount and not the total amount.

Q: How about invoices to third party payer? For example, invoices to be paid by TAC or Workcover insurer. How to are payments paid by EFT or Cheque recorded?

A: They are paid in the same way as a client invoice. You can choose an EFT or cheque payment type via the add Payment option instead of using Eftpos (Tyro) option. These just need to be added to your Payment Type options in Data Maintenance if they are not there already.


Q: Is there any integration with Xero at the moment, or planned, at all?

A Yes, this is planned but we don’t have other details.


Q: Is there any way of connecting to or integrating with a bookkeeping/accounting software other than MYOB?

A: No, although all our financial reports can be exported to excel which may be of help.


Q: On the current version if I pay several invoices from one payment then they do not assign to the clinicians properly in the reports. Have the bugs been sorted?

A: This is not a bug per se. It is that the data is not available. Practitioners are assigned to an Invoice but they are not assigned to a payment, because a payment can relate to many Invoices but from an accounting perspective the payment only is one amount and needs to be recorded as such.


Q: Could I add the DOB to the invoice?

A: Yes, we can add this for you.


Q: Has the invoice template been made available for practices to update these themselves or are they still only update-able by BPAllied?

A: No. The Bp Allied support team still need to make these changes for you.


Q: What if we are only doing a partial refund?

A: Then you remove the Invoice from the payment and refund the partial amount. In the payment, then click Add Invoice and add the invoice back into the payment.

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